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Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Statistics

From Swords to Plowshares: some helpful numbers:

Selected statistics regarding veterans of the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT)

Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF – the Afghanistan War) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF – the Iraq War) veterans and their families.

Total service members deployed

(As of May 2008)
Percentage of National Guard and Reserves 28%
Percentage serving 2 or more tours 34%

Deaths and Injuries (as of 05-07-08)

Deaths (Iraq and Afghanistan Wars) 4,550
Total wounded in action 31,948
Medically Evacuated due to Injury or Disease 38,962

Mental Health and PTSD

New England Journal of Medicine Study (Hoge et al 03/06)
Percentage soldiers meeting criteria for PTSD, depression or anxiety
3- 4 Months post deployment - 15-17%
3-12 Months post-deployment - 19-21% (same group)

National Center for PTSD 2005
Received small-arms fire – 94%
Know someone who was seriously injured or killed – 86%
Saw dead or seriously injured Americans – 68%
Handled or uncovered human remains - 51%
Shot at or directed fire at the enemy – 77%
Responsible for the death of an enemy combatant – 48%
Responsible for the death of a noncombatant – 28%

New England Journal of Medicine, July 2004
1. Hoge, CW., et al. “Combat Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mental Health Problems, and Barriers to Care.” The New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 351, No.1., July 1, 2004.

Veteran’s Health Administration Statistics

(as of May 2008)
OEF/OIF Vets who are eligible for VA healthcare 892,848
Iraq Vets who have sought VA health care 324,846
Percentage of those vets diagnosed with PTSD/mental illness 41.1%
Veterans Benefits Administration Statistics (as of April 16, 2008)
Total GWOT Veterans Filing Disability Claims 287,790
Number of GWOT Veterans Awarded Service-Connected Disability
Disability RatingReserves GuardActive DutyTotal

Unemployment Rate of OIF/OEF Veterans

18% of veterans, recently separated from service, are unemployed, and of those employed 25% earn less that $21,840 a year.

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