Support for our military families, whether active duty, reserve, Guard and/or veterans, can be a very helpful and satisfying practice area for legal professionals. You can learn about this area of practice while gathering CLE credits; since much of this law is federal in nature, you may be able to use this information whereever you reside.

Apply Now For Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Training

Training for the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program is open for applications now!

On-Demand Training

Persons eligible for Veterans Administration benefits sometimes require professional assistance in staking their claim. A well-structured claim can also assist the VA in efficient administration. Now you can pick up the basics while earning credit:

Legal Aid Program Training And Support

Legal aid programs in support of our military veterans and families often offer education, CLE credit and other helpful support in exchange for volunteer service.

Seeking More Resources

If you have free CLE in support of our military and veteran families, or are interested in developing them, please contact us so we can post them here and/or assist in development.

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