Monday, December 23, 2013

VADIP Dental Insurance for Veterans

Keep Them Smiling!
Are you a veteran looking for dental insurance? Although Congress has not authorized the VA to pay for dental care unless you are disabled, the VA has negotiated a new "VA Dental Insurance Program" (VADIP) that lets you purchase private dental insurance at a reduced cost.
  • Your participation is voluntary.
  • Purchasing a dental plan does not affect your eligibility for VA dental services and treatment.
  • Coverage begins January 1, 2014.
  • You pay a fixed monthly premiums for coverage and any copayments required, depending on the type of plan selected.
  • You may participate if you are a veteran or are in the CHAMPVA program.

What Do You Get

  • Delta Dental has three options: "Standard" "Enhanced" and "Comprehensive"
  • Met Life has two options: "Standard" and "High"
  • Each of them lets you add some dependents for a higher premium.

What Does It Cost

See Delta Dental Rate Calculator and Met Life Rate Calculator.
The costs vary depending on: 
  • where you live
  • the insurance company you pick 
  • the plan ("standard" or otherwise) you pick
  • the number of non-veteran dependents you include
  • Whether you are enrolling as a veteran or under the CHAMPVA program.
Each plan has a monthly premium, plus copayments. These are likely to change every year so you'll want to consult the latest plan documents. Don't be shy about calling both insurance agencies and trying to see if customer service can identify the plan that comes closest to your needs - just be sure your thought about what you need and WRITTEN IT DOWN FOR REFERENCE before you make the call - you don't want to forget something in the middle of the call!

I compared the 2014 monthly premium for  for Veteran only standard option:
  • Delta Dental 
    • Washington State (ZIP code 98204) $12.90
    • West Virginia (ZIP code 26054) $8.90 
  • Met Life
    • Washington State (ZIP code 98204)  $25.90
    • West Virginia (ZIP code 26054) $17.27 
Keep in mind that these are probably not identical plans; the difference in prices might be due to one having different coverage than the other - or it might not.
Your situation will vary so check for yourself!