Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ABA Military Pro Bono Referral Project

Information for servicemembers and their families seeking pro bono legal help.

"The ABA Military Pro Bono Project (MPBP) will connect eligible, active-duty servicemembers with pro bono attorneys to assist with the resolution of civil legal issues. If you are an active-duty member of the military eligible for services through your military legal assistance office (which may include certain members of the Reserves and National Guard), you may be eligible for a referral for legal help through the Military Pro Bono Project. There are a few criteria you need to know when seeking a referral through the Project:"
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Information for civilian attorneys interested in volunteering pro bono legal assistance to servicemembers through the Project.

"Extended American military missions overseas have generated unprecedented civil-law challenges for servicemembers, many of whom have left family, home, and job for years at a time to serve their country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations.

Our servicemembers are increasingly saddled with legal needs that distract them from their mission and can make their already difficult daily lives even more challenging. These needs are arising in the areas of consumer law, family law, landlord-tenant, employment law, and other areas. Their families often unfortunately require assistance in the area of probate, trusts and estates, or guardianship law.

The Military Pro Bono Project will directly help servicemembers who are sacrificing greatly for their country by moving pro bono referrals straight from military law offices to willing-and-able private sector lawyer volunteers throughout the country."

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Candice Harris said...

Is there any pro-bono assistance for Military retirees? Even if only for legal advice?

Randall Winn said...

Good morning Ms. Harris!
Many states have some pro bono (and now "low bono") help programs. Can you tell me what state you're in?

Tony Waters said...

I am a Retired Army/National Guard Veteran. I am in Indiana. While deployed I was refused 6% credit from my automobile lender. I need to speak to a lawyer about this.

Tony Waters