Monday, August 11, 2008

Continuation of Medical Health Care Coverage Benefits for Former Military Spouses

ROLL CALL, the Newsletter of the Military Committee of the ABA Family Law Section, has its Summer, 2008 edition online now with a long & useful article entitled"THE CONTINUATION OF HEALTH CARE BENEFITS PROGRAM (CHCBP) AS A LONG-TERM HEALTH CARE OPTION FOR FORMER MILITARY SPOUSES" by Wm. John Camp/
According to the newsletter's editor:
"Georgia attorney John Camp explains the ins and outs of military medical care coverage when a spouse or former spouse is not entitled to 20/20/20 coverage (20 years of marriage, 20 years of service, and an overlap of 20 years). John specializes in military divorce cases, and he spent many hours researching this topic to give us a thorough summary of this little-known aspect of family support in military divorce cases."
It includes a very handy flow chart for navigating 10 US Code 1078a for Spouses & Former Spouses!


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