Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Army Legal Education Program Accepting Applicants

"1. Description of program. The Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP) authorizes the selection of not more than 25 Active Duty Army officers (lieutenants or captains) each year to obtain a legal education at government expense. The JAGC expects to select approximately 25 applicants during the Fall 2008 selection board.

2. Eligibility and Application Procedures. Details regarding eligibility, the application process and service obligation with regards to FLEP are outlined in Army Regulation (AR 27-1), Chapter 14. The eligibility requirements in AR 27-1 are statutory and cannot be waived. The cutoff for eligibility is 6 years of total active federal service, including warrant officer or enlisted service, at the time legal training begins.

3. Selection criteria. When considering an applicant's file, the selection board members use the "total person concept". They evaluate the undergraduate and graduate school transcripts, LSAT score, ORB, OERs, SJA interview letter, and statement of motivation to attend law school ..."

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legal education said...

This is a very interesting proposal. Two questions occur to me. First, how would this impact, if at all, the issue of cost of legal education ? Second, while I see how it would produce graduates with more immediately useful skills, it is not clear whether it would address the issue of the excess supply of lawyers currently being produced by the law schools.