Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attorneys Assisting Citizen-Soldiers and Families (AACF)

Washington State is slated to deploy approximately 3,500 National Guard members to Iraq in August 2008.

Deployment places additional demands on military personnel and their family members. As members of the legal community, we can offer our specialized skills to assist our citizen soldiers, their family members, as well as our fellow attorneys in uniformed service.

The Guard members and their immediate families will need legal services before, during, and after deployment. Unlike active military personnel, Guard family members may not have convenient access to a military base or a military legal assistance office. Military legal staff and resources are stretched to focus on deployment readiness. Civilian attorneys can offer assistance in areas of law such as landlord-tenant issues, consumer law, family law, immigration, and other related issues.

Legal professional is Washington State are invited to join Attorneys Assisting Citizen-Soldiers and Families (AACF), a developing network of civilian volunteers throughout Washington State willing to provide limited legal services to service members and their immediate families. Staffing is needed for a network of pro bono clinics in a variety of locations. To ensure an adequate network, the development of a volunteer attorney roster is underway. In addition, please consider joining growing referral lists of volunteer attorneys willing to take pro bono cases.

To volunteer for a clinic, to join the referral list, or to learn more, please contact AttorneysEnlist@gmail.com immediately, or Captain Alex Straub at 253-512-8262 today.

This project can offer you training and possibly CLE credit. Volunteers may also benefit from being publicly honored at Volunteer Roster and Hall of Fame. More importantly, the project is an opportunity to support our fellow citizens and military family members who are directly affected by the war. Time is of the essence; we should all do our part. Contact AttorneysEnlist@gmail.com today.

MORE INFORMATION: http://aacf.wordpress.com/

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