Sunday, May 4, 2008

Military Justice: Opportunity for Significant Service

by Victor Kelley ....
"The sheer number of young people serving in our armed forces, as well as veterans, reveals numerous opportunities for lawyers to provide significant assistance to hundreds of thousands of our citizens in a legal practice that badly needs competent civilian counsel.

The area of military justice is virtually untapped and is one in which, with some application, civilian lawyers can practice with complete competence.

Military criminal justice and its related administrative actions are multifaceted and include court-martial process, appellate review, nonjudicial (commander's) punishment, clemency and parole proceedings, discharge review boards, and boards for correction of military records.

Following is a primer of the general types of some military proceedings, the qualifications for counsel's representation at those proceedings, and some resources that will guide the reader in preparation for them ..."
Continued in Washington State Bar News:
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