Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Closing Arguments in Veterans for Common Sense v. Nicholson

You will recall that Veterans for Common Sense v. Nicholson is a class-action in which veterans claiming that medical care was denied or delayed are suing for injunctive relief. That is to say, they want action!

Closing arguments have just finished; for a nice summary of the case so far, with links to court documents, see Closing Arguments in Suit on Veterans’ Mental Care by Michele Storms at http://trialadnotes.blogspot.com

Notice how easily it is to access the various filings and orders here: http://news.justia.com/cases/featured/california/candce/3:2007cv03758/194177/

(And note also that at least one the filings refers to Veterans for Common Sense v. Peake, rather than Nicholson. This can be confusing.)

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