Friday, May 9, 2008

Expedited Social Security Disaility for Wounded Warriors

From Social Security Online: Military service members can receive expedited processing of disability claims from Social Security. Benefits available through Social Security are different than those from the Department of Veterans Affairs and require a separate application.

The expedited process is used for military service members who become disabled while on active military service on or after October 1, 2001, regardless of where the disability occurs.

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Kevin said...

What about when they deny your claim? There is no support network available for Wounded Warriors thru the VA, Military, or SSI unless you have already been thru a MEB, Medical Evaluation Board, and found to be greater than 30% disabled. Many WW like myself have been at a WTU for over a year waiting for treatment to finish and the MEB to decided about, during this time we are suppose to be eligible, but SSI doesn't always see it that way. This small amount from SSI can be the difference between survival and bankruptcy for us soldiers in the WTU's.

Anonymous said...

I too am a WW and filed for my SSD about two weeks ago and the process does seem to be going at a fast rate, I recieved some paper work to fill out and a letter from my case manager within the first week. I hope that I am approved because I am unable to work because of severe PTSD, TBI, and Depression all recieved while in Iraq. I wish people understood that I would gladly give them all the money I make from my Service Connected Disability rating of 50% and the SSD if approved if I could work and live a "normal" life from here on out but instead people want to give us flack about everything. To them I say walk in my shoes for a coulple days deal with the nightmares, the anxiety attacks, the memory loss, ect ect!!