Thursday, April 7, 2011

Indiana Lawyers For Soldiers

Indiana Lawyers for Soldiers is an amazing network of volunteers who give legal services for Indiana National Guard personnel & families who are deployed or returning from a deployment. The following information is taken directly from their website.
Soldiers in need of legal assistance are referred to attorneys who volunteer their time and experience to assist the myriad of legal issues that arise during the deployment of these local heroes.

Soldier Registration Information

 As a member of the Indiana National Guard, if you or a family member is deployed or returning from deployment and is seeking legal assistance, please complete the online application -
Your online application will be forwarded to the Indiana National Guard. Thereafter, you will be contacted by the Indiana National Guard personnel to complete the screening and eligibility process.
After the Indiana National Guard has approved your case for the program, you will be matched with a volunteer lawyer based on the information provided in your application, namely (1) description of the legal issues, and (2) your location in Indiana. Once your case is assigned to a lawyer, he or she will contact you directly.

Lawyer Registration Information

If you would like to be included in this network of volunteer attorneys, please complete the online application - The database will match you with a case based on the information provided in your application, namely practice area/interest and location.
When a pro bono case meeting your criteria is identified, you will be contacted by phone and e-mail. Once you agree to accept the case, you will be provided with a summary of the case and any related documents. Indiana National Guard personnel will have your information on file, as well. You are responsible for initiating contact with the client. Clients are instructed not to contact you, so it is extremely important that you initiate contact with the client as soon as possible (preferably within five business days of case assignment).
Indiana is to be congratulated for this program!

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