Friday, April 15, 2011

2nd Annual UNLV Combat Trauma Conference: “She’s back, but she’s not the same!”

2010 marked the first opportunity to bring experts, professionals and returning warriors together for a time to focus on combat trauma, sponsored by the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. This first conference clearly raised consciousness, raised issues and raised commitment among many to maintain the focus and to raise voice to this subject that continues to be heard across the country. This second annual conference will spotlight the issues facing America’s returning women veterans and their unique issues related to combat trauma.

2nd Annual UNLV Combat Trauma Conference: “She’s back, but she’s not the same!”
Focusing on Returning Women Warrior and Veteran Issues

May 25-26, 2011

America's returning OIF-OEF women warriors represents many new impacts of deployment and combat with which America must deal. The numbers begin to tell the tale:

15% ……… of the US Military are now WOMEN.
9,000 ……. WOMEN have received prosthetics.
1 in 5 ……. WOMEN screened reported Military Sexual Trauma.
13,000 …… homeless are WOMEN veterans.
30,000 ….. single MOTHERS deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.
40% ……… of WOMEN veterans have children.
8.8% …….. of Military WOMEN are divorced annually.
95% ……… of VA programs do not target WOMEN or offer separate housing.

These numbers are staggering, both in their reality and in their effect on families, communities and the nation. The intent of this 2nd annual conference is to further raise the nation’s consciousness of this current reality. But more than that, it is to highlight the resources that are available and those who are already at work helping our women return to full health and productive lives.

May 25-26, 2011
University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV)
TAM Alumni Center
Las Vegas, NV

Early Registration Fee: $100.00
On-Site Registration Fee: $150.00
No cost to Women Veterans

CEU's to satisfy the requirements of multiple professional organizations (including addiction and other health practitioners, therapists, social workers, educators, etc.) are pending professional organization approval and will be offered at no additional cost.

(I don't know whether this event is applying for CLE credit but will check. Legal professionals may wish to help this organization apply for credit in your own jurisdication --- REW)

Contact: Sharon Steinberg, WestCare Foundation


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