Sunday, February 1, 2009

VA Settles Class-Action Lawsuit over 2006 Laptop Theft for $20 Million

From Larry Scott at VA Watchdog:
"Veterans will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses caused by theft. Any remaining funds will be donated to vets' charities.

Larry Scott ---
Let's go back to the Spring of 2006.

Veterans went into a panic when it was discovered that a laptop computer containing the personal information of millions of veterans and many active-duty military members had been stolen.

That laptop was recovered and the FBI determined no data had been breached.

But, many vets, believing their information to be at risk, signed up for credit protection services.

For a very complete background on this incident, go to this page...

A number of lawsuits were filed against the VA. They were later consolidated... and today, we have the outcome.

It's a $20 million settlement. And, the VA must be congratulated for working out this settlement.

In simple terms, the money will be used to reimburse vets for any out-of-pocket expenses caused by the laptop theft, such as buying a credit protection plan. Any funds left over go to vets' charities.

In the near future, we will have info on how to sign up for reimbursement.

Below is a press release regarding the settlement.

Here is the motion for preliminary approval (download).

Here is the settlement agreement (download)..."

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