Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative (VTCPI)

Justice For Vets reports
The Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative (VTCPI) is designed to assist jurisdictions in the planning and development of Veterans Treatment Court programs. Justice For Vets staff and a cadre of treatment court practitioners work with planning teams to shape programs, develop policy and procedure manuals, and build team unity.

Selected jurisdictions will participate in a facilitated 6-month planning process. Each jurisdiction will be required to complete pretraining worksheets, attend one 5-day VTCPI training program, maintain routine correspondence with program staff, and submit a Veterans Treatment Court implementation plan or draft policy and procedure manual.

To apply, each interested jurisdiction must complete the online application form and submit a letter of commitment from the participating judge
Learn More At http://www.justiceforvets.org/2013-vtcpi

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