Thursday, June 14, 2012

Military Spouse JD Network: A Bar Association for Military Spouses

The Military Spouse JD Network is an organization to support military spouses who pursue a legal career. Billing itself as "A Bar Association for Military Spouses", MSJDN:
  • Advocates for bar membership without examination,
  • Encourages hiring military spouses, and
  • Provides a support network.
Lawyer-spouses of servicemembers face exceptional barriers to practice, since they are frequently obliged to move from state-to-state. Imagine having to take the bar exam every three or five years! And then there's the problem of building a practice, maintaining CLE requirements, and so on.

These are real problems, but they are solvable and MSJDN intends to solve them. MSJDN includes military spouses from all branches of the United States Military, as well as spouses of retired service members and legal and military organizations who support our mission. Membership is FREE, just register HERE.

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