Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reminder: Still Time to Re-Open VA Claim under "Missing Documents" Program

Larry Scott of VA Watchdog wants to remind us:
After the shredder scandal became public, VA started a special program that will allow vets to re-open some claims until Nov. 17, 2009.

By Larry Scott:
"After the VA shredder scandal became public, the agency had to do something, very quickly, to make right their wrongs. Under pressure from the veterans' service orgs they put together "VA's Special Claims Handling Procedures for Missing Documents."

Complete info on shredding and mishandling of VA documents is on this page...

The "Missing Documents" program is open until November 17, 2009. There are a number of qualifiers to have a claim re-opened, or "considered" as VA likes to say.

If you think you might qualify for the program ... there are two things to read.

First is a VA press release... and, second is the VA web site regarding the program. Both are posted below.

VA press release is here...
VA web page on shredding and document mishandling, with information on how to re-open a claim, is here..."

For more information, read Larry's article here (it also has a link where you can order you very own VA Shredder Coffee Mugs!

See also "VA: What to Do if We Shredded Your Documents"

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