Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Local Government: Sometimes an Alternative for Veterans

Across our nation, cities, counties and states offer important alternatives to veterans seeking help. While there are never any guarantees, these can provide alternatives when our great nation falls short.

Often, these benefits have been created after a servicemember has separated from service, and so may not have thought to check to see what's available. Here's a few examples of typical services; of course, you'll want to check your own community or that of your clients to see what's available:


"An increasing number of military veterans are applying for benefits from local cities because they have lost their jobs in the poor economy, according to veterans' agents.

Beverly is expected to spend nearly three times its budget for veterans benefits, while Salem will spend almost twice as much, the agents in those communities say.

"Instead of going to welfare, they're coming to us," Salem Veterans' Agent Jean-Guy Martineau said.

Low-income veterans can apply for public assistance benefits under state law. The benefits are paid by their home city or town and are then reimbursed by the state at a rate of up to 75 percent ..."

Martineau said veterans from the Vietnam War era have been particularly hard hit by the economy because they are considered too old to hire by some employers but are not old enough to qualify for Social Security.

"These are the veterans that are caught in the middle," he said."

"Veterans hit by poor job market" by Paul Leighton, Salem News, November 24, 2008

Michigan (Macomb County)

  • Veterans Transportation to VA Medical Center in Detroit ( Wednesday & Thursday only)
  • Certified copies of Military Discharge papers
  • Military Discharge papers recording
  • Request for Service Medals / Ribbons / Service Medical Records / Service Records
  • Also some services for dependents and survivors
SEE MORE: http://www.macombcountymi.gov/veterans/benefits.htm


Oregon Benefits
  • Auto License: Disabled Veteran license plate - permanent, lifetime, for certain disabled veterans. A one-time fee is charged to help support the Oregon Veterans home in the Dalles.
  • Conservatorship: Estate management for certain veterans and dependents who are no longer able to manage their own finances.
  • Employment: Assistance in job search and employment programs through State employment Office Local Veteran Employment Representative and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Coordinator.
  • Game Licenses: Permanent hunting and fishing licenses to veterans with 25% or more disability.
  • Property Tax Exemption: Partial exemptions from property tax for veterans with disabilities of 40% or more.
  • Public Employment: Veterans' preference in public employment. Additional preference for disabled veterans.
  • Records: Help in obtaining copies of public records of marriage, death, divorce, and birth, for claims purposes.
  • Re-employment Rights: Entitlement to reinstatement in former job, seniority and pay with accrued status upon release from service. Enforced under Federal statutes.
  • State Educational Aid: Up to $50 per month to qualified Oregon veterans.
  • State Veterans Home Loans: (Toll Free 1-888-ORE-VETS (673-8387))
    Low interest loans for the purchase of single family, owner-occupied residence to qualified veterans with service prior to 1977.
  • State Veterans Home: The Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs has established a Nursing Home in the Dalles for Oregon Veterans in need of fulltime skilled nursing care.
MORE INFO: http://www.co.washington.or.us/DEPTMTS/aging/vetben.htm

Washington State (King County)

Veterans' Incarcerated Project (V.I.P.):V.I.P. is a "fast track" effort to help Veterans recently released from, or currently incarcerated within the King County Correctional Facility system. A full array of on-site and referral sources are available including services for family members.
Services Available
Upon the incarcerated veteran's release, the V.I.P. might provide transitional housing for up to 30 days, possibly longer if needed. This arrangement usually provides one meal each day, and, in most cases an immediate address for release.

Also, the V.I.P. will provide referrals for low cost or no cost medical, dental, vision, and mental health treatments. If the Veteran needs clothing, the V.I.P. will refer the Veteran to appropriate sources of free or low cost clothing.

The V.I.P. will assist the Veteran with registration for the VA Addictions Treatment Program, which might be required by the Court. Also, the V.I.P. will refer the Veteran for a no cost Post Traumatic Stress Disorder screening and evaluation. The V.I.P. will help the Veteran register with King County Veterans' Program employment counselors and the job referral program.
MORE INFORMATION: http://www.metrokc.gov/DCHS/CSD/veteran/JailProject.htm
Your locality's offering may vary, but it's worth checking out!

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