Friday, February 13, 2009

Tennessee Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP)

The Tennessee legal community provies legal assistance to military personnel in a variety of ways. Active duty service members may wish to go first to Armed Forces Legal Assistance's nice online database to "locate active duty legal activities offering general legal services within the continental United States". A query for the state of Tennessee is here.

While Tennessee Bar Association does not seem to have a Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP) Section at present, its However, its Young Lawyer Division (YLD) participates in the ABA’s "Operation Enduring LAMP" program through runs Operation Volunteer, in which service members and their families seeking pro bono legal assistance contact the Tennessee Bar Association (221 4th Avenue N #400 Nashville, TN 37219 615/383-7421) and are referred to the YLD Disaster Relief Committee. Operation Volunteer has identified attorneys who are willing to reservists and National Guard personnel and their families in the areas of real estate, business & commercial law, landlord/tenant, domestic relations, non-taxable wills, estates and estate planning, employment, SSCRA, banking, and disability law.

Tennessee attorneys also participate in Lawyers Serving Warriors, a nationwide program providing free legal services to U.S. military personnel and veterans who have served in OIF or OEF in the following situations:
  • Referred to the physical disability evaluation system.
  • Facing an involuntary administrative separation.
  • Received an inappropriate discharge, discharge characterization, or disability rating.
  • Pursuing a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for disability compensation.
  • Claim under the Traumatic Injury Insurance Under the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (TSGLI).
According to this press release, the Boult Cummings law firm in Nashville hosts the "Lawyers Serving Warriors: Launch Project"; training was recently offered at the offices of Vowell & Jennings Court Reporters. If you're seeking participation (either as a lawyer or as a clint) see the online form.

Tennessee servicemembers and veterans (along with everyone else) may use the state's new OnlineTNJustice website to access volunteer lawyers online! Some restrictions apply - see OnlineTNJustice for details.

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