Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Law Firms Can Hire #Veterans Easily via "Hero 2 Hired"!

Charity and good intentions have their place, but what most people want is a job, and veterans are no different from anyone else in that regard. Now your  law firm can easily seek out qualified professionals from the ranks of recently separated servicemembers or those planning their transition, through the new "Hero 2 Hired" program.
  • Go to http://h2h.jobs/ and register as an employer
  • Go to the candidate search page
  • Enter the criteria for the job candidates you seek, such as education, location or occupation while in the military. If you don't know the proper codes for Military Occupations such as JAGs, don't worry - the site has a plain-English lookup that lets you Find military occupations by name. For example, JAG Corps Attorney (Officer) is Occupation 27A.
  • Hit "Search" and the odds are you'll get a long list of candidates to consider. What could be easier?
Now, the site does have limits. You can't just wander in off the internet and start stalking servicemembers; employers have to register and there is a short vetting process. However, this feature helps ensure quality for all concerned, making it more valuable to you, as well as to job seekers, than less discerning websites.
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