Monday, November 7, 2011

Army bars dual U.S. citizens from most jobs

Margaret Stock
Margaret Stock, Army Reserve, wrote an interesting, and opinionated, article:
Earlier this year, the Army issued a revised personnel regulation with far-reaching consequences.
In this August 4 revision, Army Regulation 601-210, the Army announced that persons who are dualcitizens, of the United States and another country, are not permitted to enlist, in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard, for jobs that require a security clearance – “unless they already possess a security clearance.” The regulation is important because it potentially bars millions of Americans from most Army jobs: The vast majority of Army jobs require a security clearance –including officer appointments, Special Forces, Military Intelligence, and Military Police jobs, but also most others.
Dual citizenship is something that millions of Americans possess, often inadvertently, but other times because dual citizenship allows them to travel more freely, or live and work easily in other countries.
Whether a person holds citizenship in a particular country is a matter of that country’s law, not of U.S. law. One’s citizenship is thus not always within the control either of the individual or of the United States government.
Although some countries allow their citizens to expatriate, others do not. Some people are dual citizens because their parents or grandparents hold citizenship in a foreign country; others are dual citizens because they were born in another country.....
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