Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gulf War Disability Filing Deadline Approaching!

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If you are Gulf War veteran and have a condition that you think may have arisen from that service (such as Gulf War Ill­ness, Fr­ibromyal­gia or Chronic fatigue syn­drome), you should get in gear and contact your Veteran Service Officer so you can file with the VA before the end of this year. Filing later than that may make it harder to prove your case since it may be argued that the symptoms didn't arrive.
For VA benefit purposes, Gulf War Veterans are defined as those who served on active duty in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations any time during the first Gulf War starting August 2, 1990 through the Iraq War and subsequent reduced operations in Iraq. Military operations include Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn.
Gulf War Veterans have experienced illnesses that led VA and others to research whether exposures during the Gulf War caused the symptoms. VA presumes certain medically unexplained symptoms and illnesses are related to Gulf War service. Eligible Veterans may receive VA disability compensation and health care benefits. Surviving spouses, dependent children, and dependent parents of Gulf War Veterans who died as the result of illnesses related to Gulf War service may be eligible for survivors' benefits.
VA offers eligible Veterans a free Gulf War Registry health exam for possible long-term health problems related to Gulf War service.
All this takes time, and the end of the year is coming, there may be thousands of people filing soon; do you want to be in the front of the line or in the back?

For details, see "New Gulf War Disability Filing Deadline?" by Ben Krause of
Reportedly, the VA is working to extend the deadline to December 31, 2018, and you may wish to contact your Congresscritter about that. And if you have any doubts, get your paperwork in now; there is no good reason to delay.

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