Thursday, July 7, 2011

Log Cabin Republicans v. USA - Official Court Site

The 9th Circuit has created a webpage aggregating information about the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" case Log Cabin Republicans v. USA.
According to the page:
Due to the level of interest in this case, this site has been created to notify the media and public of procedures and rules for admission to proceedings, as well as access to case information.
The court is providing a special e-mail announcement service that anyone can join. Subscription is free, open to anyone, and you may subscribe or unsubscribe (join or leave) at any time.  For additional information, click here.
Here are direct links to the documents currently on the website as of 7/7/2011; for later-added documents, see Cabin Republicans v. USA.

Date Filed
Document Title
07/06/2011Order Lifting Stay
05/27/2011Appellee's/Cross-Appellant's Reply in Support of Motion to Lift Stay
05/20/2011Appellants'/Cross-Appellees' Response to Motion to Vacate Stay of Injunction
05/10/2011Appellee's/Cross-Appellant's Motion to Vacate Stay of Injunction
04/29/2011Appellants'/Cross-Appellees' Reply Brief
04/04/2011Amicus Brief by Servicemembers United
04/04/2011Amicus Brief by Forum on Military Chaplaincy et al.
04/04/2011Amicus Brief by The Palm Center
04/04/2011Amicus Brief by Asian American Justice Center et al.
04/04/2011Amicus Brief by LAMBDA Legal Defense and Education Fund et al.
03/31/2011Amicus Brief by Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
03/30/2011Appellee's/Cross-Appellant's Answering Brief
03/04/2011Amicus Brief by Foundation for Moral Law
03/04/2011Amicus Brief by The Church of God of Prophecy Chaplaincy Ministries, et al.
03/04/2011Amicus Brief by The National Legal Foundation
02/25/2011Appellants' Opening Brief
01/28/2011Order denying motion to hold appeals in abeyance and resetting briefing schedule
01/18/2011Order temporarily suspending briefing
01/14/2011Appellants'/Cross-Appellees' Reply to Response to Motion to hold appeals in abeyance
01/13/2011Appellee's/Cross-Appellant's Amended Response to Motion to hold appeals in abeyance
12/29/2010Appellants'/Cross-Appellee's Motion to hold appeals in abeyance
12/01/2010Order granting in part joint motion to expedite
11/24/2010Joint motion to expedite case
11/19/2010Motion to expedite case
11/12/2010Supreme Court Order Denying Application to Vacate Stay
11/01/2010Order Granting Stay
10/25/2010Appellee's Motion to Exceed Page Limit on Response to Emergency Motion for Stay
10/25/2010Appellee's Response to Emergency Motion for Stay
10/20/2010Opposition to Request for Temporary Stay

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