Monday, June 8, 2009

Agent Orange Equity Action on Facebook

Our Blue Water Navy veterans of Vietnam need our help in getting help with their Agent Orange Injuries, as mentioned earlier in Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009 (HR 2254, 111th Congress)

A network is rapidly forming, of citizens calling Congress to politely (please!) ask our Congresscritters whether they back the bill and, if not, why not. If we get enough people asking, they will act; imagine having to explain to your constituents that you oppose this!

The network, hosted by Facebook, is called Support Passage of Agent Orange Equity Act 2009 - H.R.2254. I hope you will consider joining us (and whether or not you do, call Congress now ... what reason can you have to delay?)

Together, we can get this done. The technology makes it easier, but we need to make the call and then tell our friends.

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tgacioch said...

All of the literature on Agent Orange revolves the Viet Nam theatre. Has any research been done about AO being used in Germany during the 1960's? I was stationed on a military installation where defoliants were used and suspect AO was used. Veterans who were stationed there have many of the same ailments that Viet Nam vets have. Where can I find out if AO was used in Germany?