Tuesday, May 5, 2009

West Virginia Volunteer Lawyers Needed for June 6 Deployment Readiness Event

West Virginia lawyers are needed to help the 363rd Military Police Company prepare for deployment, at an June 6 event at Camp Dawson.

Event organizer Attorney Matt Thorne, a veteran of the 363rd, says the deploying servicemembers need expert assistence with wills, powers of attorney and the like:
"We need as many lawyers that are willing to travel to the unit on June 6th to finish the work for the unit that is preparing to deploy. 
If there is anyone interested, please have them email me at matthew.t.thorn@gmail.com for more information."

At an earlier deployment readiness event Sergeant Troy Webber expressed the feelings of the servicemembers being assisted:
"Anytime when you go into a situation where you're putting your life on the line, whether it's here or somewhere abroad, it's always good to have your personal life situated so your family members and loved ones are taken care of."
Attorney Natalie Sal agreed:
"It's never easy to have one of your loved ones going overseas and putting their lives at risk. At least you don't have that added component of worry on top of what is already a difficult situation."
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