Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Can Lobby the Incoming Administration

An important part of advocating for our servicemembers, veterans and their families is to "petition the government for redress of grievances". However, this can be difficult since we are nearly 300 million Americans; letters, phonecalls and emails can get lost in the flood. Few of us can afford the time away from work and/or family to knock on the White House door.

However, the incoming Obama Administration has an innovative website which (in theory) makes it easier for individuals and small groups. How this works in practice remains to be seen but it costs nothing to try to influence our government on important issues.

Go the (not, which is a private advocacy site, not a bad thing, but it's different; and not, which is a site specializing in underwear, again not necessarily a bad thing to change as needed.)

Within that site are various topics. You can click around to the ones that interest you, use the search feature, or go directly to a few that I've listed below.

Then ... and this is the IMPORTANT part ... click on the "Submit Your Ideas" box to share your ideas. And get your friends & family to do the same.

Don't be shy. This is what our nation's Founders envisioned!

Topics I suggest you try

Please note I am NOT telling you HOW you should think on these issues; it's just my opinion that you SHOULD think on them.

A shout-out to whose recent bulletin inspired this posting.

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