Monday, October 13, 2008

Appeal with Representation at Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Beginners in the area of Veterans Claims may wish to consult the "Appeal with Representation" page of the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

In addition to useful topics such as Rules of Practice and Procedure, Time Limits (very important!) and Forms and Fees, there is a link to a page blandly entitle Representation, which states:
"If you think this Court can consider your appeal, you should get advice from an attorney or from a service officer in a veterans organization or a state or county veterans affairs office.

You may represent yourself, but VA will be represented by its attorneys. Your case may be better presented if you are represented.

The Public List of Practitioners at this website may help you. It shows people who are allowed to represent appellants in this Court and have said that they are available to do that. Most charge a fee. The Court does not recommend or appoint them, or anyone else, to represent you.

You can also request assistance from The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program. The Pro Bono Program offers free representation by a qualified lawyer if you meet their eligibility requirements. To learn more about this Program, go to or call the Pro Bono Program at their toll free number: (888) 838-7727."
The site has a host of other useful information:

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