Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Lawyers for Warriors?

Among those hardest hit by America's wars are the troops themselves, veterans and their families.

Few of us will give up our law practice to build schools in Afghanistan or judge in a war crimes commission, but nearly all of us who are in the law-and-justice arena will serve veterans. (Throughout this blog, when I refer to "vets" I mean to include active duty troops and their families; it's just clumsy to keep listing them all. Sorry!)

The need is huge. The JAG corps is reportedly overloaded and, at any rate, limited in what it does (e.g. it doesn't due civil law or much of anything for veterans and families.)

This blog collects and discusses resources for meeting this large need. Some general categories include:
  • Training and networking lawyers (CLEs, etc.)
  • Promoting pro bono services
  • Enable self-help, both in the form of teach-ins for veterans, and in helping veterans through the long process of becoming lawyers themselves, so that they may better serve their buddies.
Have you got a CLE, a link, a resource, an idea? Let's see it now!

Show us what you got!

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rewinn said...

ABA's Operation Enduring LAMP

...has a variety of useful resources:


*Pre- Deployment Checklist
*Reemployment Rights for Reservists
*Survivor Benefits for Reservists
*Guard and Reserve Family Readiness *Army Guide to Deployment
*Preparing Military Clients to Deploy